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The Cobdogla Chimney


Cobdogla Station Caravan Park earns it name from the remaining relic of the Cobdogla Homestead complex, the land was originally taken up by John Chambers before any official surveys of the area had been made.

Although it was owned by John Chambers he never officially resided on the property instead choosing to employ trusted managers to run the Station, James Trussell served as its manager until 1895.



The Cobdogla run became noted for its fine horses used by John McDouel Stuart in his expeditions of 1861 with the extension of the Overland Telegraph Line to Darwin,Some of the stock was also used by the South Australian Police 'Greys’

Custody of the remains were taken by the Cobdogla Caravan Park around the year 2000 however  restorations began in the 1990’s with a plaque placed at the chimney and official unveiling in approximately 1999.


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